W-A Progettazioni s.r.l.  deals with the drawing of sheet metal. We deform metal sheets in different shapes such as cylindrical, cup or oval, with precise and reliable procedures.

The embossing we produce is a cold forming process, which allows us to make metal components such as the hemispherical caps suitable for the collectors of our radiators.

The process of drawing metals on flat sheets begins with the creation of the specific mold. Afterwards the sheet is deformed in a sensitive and precise way in order to obtain the required shape without leaving traces of the work such as wrinkles, so as to give back a lively and polished shape. We carry out a drawing work on: iron, brass, aluminum and copper.

Naturally, the molds used to make the drawing are created inside the W-A Progettazioni s.r.l. laboratory. This allows us to guarantee ever the high standard of our products and to be able to remedy the customer’s personalized requests.