Our lids are available in electrolytic copper ring inserted for brazing welding oven, facilitating processing working and reducing the times and costs to whom uses them. We can furnish you with brass ring for the manual brazing welding. The closing lidsof the thermo-radiators are produced in: FE DD12, INOX 304, COPPER, BRASS, ALUMINUM.

Thread: 1/8 “-1/4” -3/8 “-1/2” -1 “-1 1/4” are made with automatic machines and special and special tools.

The hold collaboration with our customer guarantees the necessary development to the nee lids for the overcoming of every new problem.

The quality of our lids for closing the TERMORADIATORI allows you to adapt them to various kinds of welding:

  • Oven brazing
  • Manual braze welding
  • MIG
  • TIG
  • Laser